Tours of Lubec and Cobscook

Sightseeing and History Tour of Lubec

A Recorded, Interpretive Tour

An MP3 format file This tour is a sound file provided in MP3 format, with reference map and photos in PDF format. While in Lubec you can rent this tour on an MP3 player with speaker and the tour packet at the Eastland Motel.

photo by Ruta Jordans

Learn the story of Lubec from the last glacier to the present time, following the timeline by visiting Friar's Head on Campobello Island (optional), then North Lubec, South Lubec and Lubec Village. Enjoy the bold and picturesque scenery and  Lubec's turbulent history.

Recommendations: Take your time to enjoy this audio tour in four parts to explore the stories, true and fabricated, meet the people and allow the nature to soak in. The PDF portion of the tour package may be printed for better viewing.

Approximate time: Tour sound file is approximately 83 minutes in length (Part I is 18 minutes,  II 17 minutes, III 21 minutes, IV 27 minutes). Walking, traveling, and reading times between listening to the recording vary according to each person.

Fitness Level: Mostly easy walking. There is handicapped parking and a ramp to the Friar's Head lookout and at the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. The optional walk down to the Bar Road Beach might be steep and the beach is flat and muddy with uneven, pebbly terrain.

Credits: Script by Ruta Jordans and Ronald Pesha, with gratitude to the late Bernard Ross, Edith Comstock and Ruth Dean for sharing their memories of Lubec's history. Narrated by Meredith Huntley, Natasha Robinson, Ron Pesha and Ruta Jordans. Editing advice by Desmond Graf, Laurel Robinson, Lisa Dellwo and  Mary Lou Quinn. Modern maps and title page by Jon Stence. Map of Lubec Narrows projects from National Archives. Photos by Ruta Jordans. Recording, mixing, and editing by Peder K. Moe, Mainely Tunes; Fred Pierce, Cobscook Bay Music; and Ruta Jordans. This tour was funded in part by a grant from the Maine Community Foundation donor advised fund. Produced by Tours of Lubec and Cobscook, a branch of the Association to Promote and Protect the Lubec Environment (APPLE).