Tours of Lubec and Cobscook

Explore the Intertidal Shore

A Recorded, Interpretive Tour

An MP3 format file This tour is a sound file provided in MP3 format, with reference map and photos in PDF format. While in Lubec you can rent this tour on an MP3 player with speaker and the tour packet at the Eastland Motel.

Located at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, Lubec experiences 20-foot tides, providing abundant opportunity for exploration of the floor of the ocean at low tide.

Join us for a guided walk along Lubec's magnificent shoreline. Along the way we'll introduce you to Lubec's waterfront, explore tide pools teeming with life, examine the unique animal and plant species that inhabit the intertidal zone, and learn about the geological and dramatic tidal forces that have shaped the beach.

Recommendations: The tour must be started about two hours before low tide, in order not to be caught when the tide comes in. Check the tide chart here:
West Quoddy Head Main Tide Chart or
South Lubec Main Tide Chart

Be prepared for wet and muddy conditions. Boots and other equipment may be borrowed at the Eastland Motel. As always in Lubec, dress in layers to be ready for rapidly changing weather conditions. Dogs are welcome at the beach EXCEPT if migratory or nesting birds are on the beach. Please do not disturb the birds! They are stocking up on calories for a long migration.

Approximate time: Tour sound file is approx. one hour and 23 minutes in length. Walking, traveling, and reading times between listening to the recording vary according to each person.

Fitness Level: Mostly easy walking. This walk is divided into two sections (identified on the maps in the tour package). Begin your exploration at the North end of Water Street by the town pier; then proceed to the Bar Road Beach off South Lubec Road. The shore is flat and muddy with uneven terrain, and the walk down to the shore might be steep.

Credits: Written and narrated by tour guides Shelly Tinker, Delia Mae Farris, and Meredith Huntley with introduction by John Seeley. Illustrations by Patricia Fry. Photos by Ruta Jordans and Mara Viksnins. Maps and logo by Jon Stence. Packet compiled by Deborah Bailey of Barnstormer Design Group. Recorded by Fred Pierce of Cobscook Bay Music. The PDF portion of the tour package may be printed for better viewing. This tour recording was funded in part by grants from the Maine Humanities Council and the Maine Community Foundation Pinetree Fund for Washington County and a donor advised fund.