Tours of Lubec and Cobscook

Tour Guide Bios

Our volunteer local tour guides are not only knowledgeable, but enthusiastic about what they do. This genuine enthusiasm carries forth in their ability to educate and inform people of all ages who attend our tours.

Tour guides Jeanne and Dennis Drews

Jeanne and Dennis Drews

Jeanne has loved the outdoors from an early age, whether it was climbing trees, fishing, beach combing, or just digging in the garden dirt. As an elementary teacher she had a focus in teaching science, especially through hands on experiences and using the outdoors as a classroom. She continued to add to her own knowledge through science training workshops and courses. Jeanne also developed science curricula, and led workshops for fellow teachers. This area of Maine has been special to Jeanne for many years. It has become even more special since she and her husband have made Lubec their home. She enjoys hiking, birding, camping, and boating with her husband, as well as drawing and painting outdoor scenes. There are so many opportunities to explore during the changing seasons and weather and to enjoy different environments: rocky headlands, sandy beaches, fog forests, lakes, quiet bays, bogs.

Dennis' interest in the outdoors began when his family summered at Gardner Lake, near Machias. This interest and his formal education in the sciences eventually led him to become a high school science teacher. During his teacher preparation program he taught a course in marine resources and his professional teaching career included courses in advanced biology, field biology, environmental science, chemistry, and earth sciences, including a unit on the glacial history of Maine, which he helped develop. As a teacher, his love of science was surpassed by his desire to share his "sense of wonder" for the natural world with his students. Since his retirement he has relocated from central Maine, where he lived for 28 years, to be nearer the places he considers the most special in his life. He and his wife now reside on Cobscook Bay in Lubec.

Tour guide Delia Mae Farris

Delia Mae Farris

As the granddaughter of lighthouse keepers who lived on four Maine islands, Delia Mae likes nothing more than messing about on beaches, exploring with others the fascinating intertidal realms. As a descendent of the local Passamaquoddy tribe, educated in environmental sciences, focusing on botany, she especially delights in introducing people to medicinal plants and edible species found along the shore and in the woods near bogs.

Tour guide Nancy Begley

Nancy Begley

Nancy Begley (at far right in photo) has had a home in the Lubec area for over 20 years and has been fascinated by the area's strange and wonderful history. Through conversations with villagers on her dog walks around town, she has developed a passion for the stories of the people who brought life and uniqueness to Lubec.

Tour guide Ruth Ahrens

Ruth Ahrens

Ruth Higgins Ahrens has long been fascinated by the ways in which people and their communities adapt, evolve and re-invent themselves in response to change. A search for her own family's story brought her back to the Lubec area almost twenty years ago and she has been exploring local history on "micro" (individual) and "macro" (the bigger picture) levels ever since. Her passion to understand and to share not only "what," "where," and "when", but also "why" and "how", add dimension and often humor as she tells stories of Lubec and its people.

Tour guide Shelly Tinker

Shelly Tinker

Shelly has lived in Lubec her whole life. She is a third-generation Lubecker and her grandfather was a lobster fishermen back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. She is married to a fifth-generation fishermen from Campobello and together they own a commercial fishing boat. Shelly and her husband are also certified divers since 1988. She has photographed many beautiful underwater critters in these waters, including for the Nature Conservancy's beautiful poster on Cobscook Bay (under the name Shelly Corey). She has also participated in the successful rescue of two whales entangled in fishing gear. Shelly shares her knowledge, enthusiasm and love of the Downeast nature and way of life.

Tour guide Ron Pesha

Ron Pesha

As long-time president of the Lubec Historical Society Ron commercially published two books about Lubec’s colorful history, Remembering Lubec and The Great Gold Swindle of Lubec. With the West Quoddy Head Lightkeepers Association, the Lubec organization which operates the West Quoddy Visitor Center, Ron helped research and establish the Lighthouse museum. Previously Ron worked in radio and television for 16 years, then became a State University of New York professor of broadcasting for 22 years.

Tour guide Meredith Huntley

Meredith Huntley

Meredith grew up helping on her father's whale watching boat in Passamaquoddy Bay. She learned about whales and other sea mammals, fish, and sea birds from the early researchers from the New England Aquarium, who collaborated with them to research the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. Having quenched her thirst for travel she has returned to Lubec to raise her children, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of this area with others.

Tour guide Ruta Jordans

Ruta Jordans

Back when the Boston Museum of Science had an extensive exhibit on bogs, Ruta spent her whole visit there while her family traipsed through the rest of the museum. Recognizing that bogs are seen as eerie and forbidding in Europe, she was surprised to find that Native Americans harvested the bogs for food and medicines, even using sphagnum moss for diapers. On moving to Lubec she was delighted to find two rare arctic bogs with placarded boardwalks here along with Carrying Place Cove Bog, which has been designated a National Natural Landmark. Ruta enjoys sharing her fascination with bogs and the history and special places in Lubec and Campobello.