Tours of Lubec and Cobscook

Interpretive Tours of Lubec, Maine

Enjoy recordings of our most popular tours, presented by local tour guides. Learn about the heritage of the region as you visit and experience the places that make it unique. Each tour package contains a narrated MP3 audio tour, map, and photo package. While in Lubec you can rent each tour on an MP3 player with speaker and the tour packet at the Eastland Motel.


Walking on Water Street

Sightseeing tours in Lubec and Campobello.

Picture Lubec's turbulent history as you walk along Water Street, hearing stories of days gone by.
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Explore the Intertidal Shore

Tidal tours Down East, Maine.

Discover hardy animals and plants surviving the hostile intertidal zone.
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Bogs and the Ice Age

Tour the bogs.

Explore how plants and animals have adapted in wetlands carved out by the last glacier.
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Sightseeing and History

Sightseeing and history tours of Lubec and Campobello.

Enjoy a scenic orientation while learning about Lubec's colorful heritage.
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Other Local Tours

Website with tours near Lubec, Maine.

Tide Mill Organic Farm offers farm tours. lists boat tours for lighthouses, whales or bird watching.

Meet Our Tour Guides

Tide Mill Organic Farm tours.

Our audio tours are created and produced by local residents who know the area well.
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We asked a few people who took our tours,
"What did you like best about your tour experience?"

What I liked most was the tour guide's enthusiasm and general knowledge of the town and fishing industry history.

Micheal G. of Gaithersburg, MD

I've walked on the beach many times oblivious to some of the amazing things that were going on right at my feet.

Sandi K., moved from Indiana to Lubec, ME

What I liked most was all of the local sea creatures.

Mandy C., Brunswick MD

What I liked most was the seaweeds and their multitudinous friends.

Bindu D., Port Richmond, CA

What I liked most was the fact that the tour guides were local people who love the place, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Now I want to move here.

Dennis and Connie K., Belgrade, ME

What I liked most was interesting rocks; tasting rose hips and dulse.

Mara V., Washington DC

What I liked most was seeing so much of Lubec that I had not realized was part of the town.

Helen Z., New York City